• tobi et deidara

    tobi et deidara

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    Dimanche 20 Janvier 2013 à 11:27
    This was a really good story for just wrinitg it as you went through. It seemed to have a build up of tension, which a lot of people have trouble with accomplishing. You made Naruto brush off the eerie feelings, and slowly built up tension. I knew something would happen, I just had no idea what. And I really liked also how you tried to keep Sasuke in character as much as possible. This is how I like to imagine as if Sasuke had come home, he's still strong and a bad ass or whatever yet he regards Naruto as his one true friend, the only one who understands him. I find it easy to believe he could fall in love with Naruto, the only one who stood by his side through the darkness. Anyway good job! I will enjoy reading through your master list in the next week!!!
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