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    Vendredi 18 Janvier 2013 à 08:44
    I felt it would be a real pity not to review this story when it's held my atiotnten for the past two days. And I must admit that this story was amazing and stayed true to their characters.I smiled, I grew angry, I even laughed when Gaara closed the door at the end. So cute. But anyway I love the whole struggle between Naruto and his real feelings towards Sasuke. I could easily understand why he would do something like that for Sasuke. And I wanted to box his ears when he seemed to not understand that though his efforts were sweet it would make neither him nor Sasuke happy.I loved Sasuke's tactics to seduce Naruto and loved that despite the fact that they broke up for two years they still remained friends. It was gah I could go on and on but it wouldn't cover everything. Sasuke and Naruto catching Neji behind Sakura's house with Ana was priceless, Ino seeing Naruto getting really familiar with Sasuke was good too. I loved how Sasuke was happy that Naruto pressed up against Sasuke's side only to be miffed to realize he only did it to make room for Gaara.You protray character's feelings so well and I love it all. Gah I hoped that I can one day get that kind of reaction out of my readers one day. But all I can do now is try to improve day by day.Well thanks for the good read and may the writing muses always whisper suggestions in your ears when you feel writer's block on the horizon. ^_^
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